I support Bernie Sanders, and I am not a Bernie Bro

Generalizing all Bernie Sanders voters as bros erases the diverse coalition of supporters his campaign fosters.

First, I assured them the Sanders’ campaign takes harassment seriously. We volunteers receive regular communications from campaign staff requesting that we be positive both online and off.

Second, I reminded them that Bernie has a wide and diverse coalition of staff, endorsers, and voters, and asked them to please not let a bad experience with a couple of supporters taint their view. Social media can perpetuate a road rage mentality, and there are millions of us who are refraining from negative speak and are lifting up our candidate because we believe he will lift up all Americans.

I will concede that some Bernie Sanders supporters have been ugly or cruel in their remarks, but please note it is not strictly a Bernie Sanders phenomena. One should look to Peter Daou, a former adviser of Hillary Clinton and once outspoken critic of Bernie Sanders and his supporters, who has since joined the Sanders movement. He frequently writes about the harassment he and his wife, Leela, receive from Bernie Sanders critics. “As we began to embrace #NotMeUs and express support for Bernie, a cadre of Sanders haters began trolling and harassing us with the same venom that they attribute to so-called Bernie Bros,” he wrote for The Guardian. “They impugned our motives and character, called us traitors and sellouts, and mobbed Twitter threads.”

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