Why I Don’t Write About Current Issues or Events Anymore

Lauren Modery


I used to write about important current issues. Now I don’t and here’s why.

I’ve written essays online for 13 years — initially on my blog and then on Medium.

When I first began writing online, I wrote about light stuff like movies, music, pop culture, and the life of a twenty-something.

Then around 2015 and 2016, I started writing about current events. Looking back, I don’t know the exact impetus for this change, but I think it’s safe to assume that when Donald Trump entered the picture, we all started talking about current events more. Also, I was a little more grown up and realized I gave a shit about real-life issues.

For the next four years after that, I was very vocal in my writing about my support of Bernie Sanders and progressive issues.

And then in 2020, I stopped writing about current events altogether and returned to writing essays on pop culture, humor, and now travel.

I came to this conclusion for several reasons:

1. Who gives an f with what I have to say about current events?

I’m nobody. I’m just another left-leaning thirty-something white female who has thoughts. Big deal. I gotta be honest — over the past four years, I got kind of tired of reading everyone and their mother’s hot takes on everything, and I certainly didn’t want to contribute another hot take to this world. Occasionally I dabble in the waters of hot takes and I remind myself to shut up and back away. There are way more important voices out there who speak about current issues from a place of knowledge and experience, and maybe some of us need to remember that we don’t need to publicly share our thoughts on everything.

2. I got scared

I gotta be honest: I couldn’t take the heat from the right OR the left. Though I’m a lifelong leftist from a family of leftists, I don’t always 100% subscribe to what the most vocal groups are saying, and I got to the point where I was afraid to push back or ask questions about “hot topic of the day” because I didn’t want to upset my fellow leftists. Even now I’m afraid to say this, but I’ll say it: A certain group of leftists can be pretty



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