Woke now? Congrats. Here are a couple of things.

I saw a lot of people asking online during the Women’s March, “Where were all these people before now?

I saw others saying to individuals, “You have to keep this momentum going!

A couple of things:

-Many folks have been woke well before we got woke. They’ve BEEN the momentum all along. They’ve been hitting the streets and talking with politicians for years.

-Teachers, social workers, people in nonprofit, lawyers, doctors etc. — they’ve been helping people, affecting policy and trying to make a difference their entire careers. They’ve been doing the heavy lifting for us without want of recognition or compliments.

-Many people ARE protesting and advocating WITHOUT hitting the streets or making phone calls to politicians. And lots of people DO go out in the streets and make phone calls to politicians, but you might not know because they don’t share everything they do on social media.

What I’m trying to say is: It’s great that we’re all woke now, but please don’t assume your friends are not fighting the good fight.