Watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife brought back memories of my first great love — Harold Ramis.

It takes a lot for me to go to the movie theater — even outside of a pandemic — but Ghostbusters: Afterlife looked too good to miss. And boy was I right.

Not only is the…


A random photo sent me down a rabbit hole of learning more about my immigrant great-grandfather, his employer Endicott Johnson, and the era of welfare capitalism

Photo by Wayne Spoehr; used with permission

I left my hometown in Central New York as soon as I graduated college. Not because I hated the town, nor because I wanted to detach from my community. I adored my childhood as the granddaughter of the Main Street business owner; our staff and customers were family. …

Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

Nobody got our costumes, but that’s ok. We were happy little nerds anyways.

In this house, we listen to Warren Zevon — the rock n’ roll prodigy, renowned LA curmudgeon/asshole, and singer that Gen Z doesn’t know enough about to cancel though would cancel if they did.

Because of our…

Though his death was barely noticed, he mattered. And I want you to know about Dr. Thomas Mwanika.

During the last six months of my grandmother’s life in our local hospital’s nursing and rehab center, I met a remarkable man — a man with a smile and laugh as warm…

Lauren Modery

Freelance writer; film Loves Her Gun premiered @ SXSW ‘13; used to be a Hollywood assistant; rail enthusiast; check out my dumb blog,

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